Cenforce 100mg


Active Ingredient

(Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate
Indication:Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer:Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
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Cenforce 100mg

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Overview of Cenforce 100mg pill 

  • Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction and impotence disorder then you do not need to worry as it is a common sexual disorder.
  • And it directly affects your sex life and your partner. But Cenforce 100mg generic pill will help you in getting cured of this disorder.
  • This medicine is a powerful alternative part of the self-active ingredient sildenafil citrate, its brand name is generic Viagra.
  • Cenforce 100 mg pill helps you to increase more excitement in bed and at the same time makes your penis hard and makes you enjoy having sex.

What is Cenforce 100mg pill? 

  • Cenforce 100 mg medicine is a worldwide generic pill for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction, it is a PDE 5 inhibitor medicine.
  • This medicine is specially used for those men who are sexually weak and are unable to enjoy their sex life.


  • Talking about the production of Cenforce 100 Mg medicine, this medicine is with Centurion Laboratories and is the most commonly used generic pill.

Uses of Cenforce 100mg

  • There are many such problems that find it difficult to be a cure and are always worried because of these problems.
  • So, let’s know what those problems are: We are talking about erectile dysfunction disorder, which creates trouble for men to maintain an erection during intercourse.
  • But during intercourse, cenforce 100 mg medicine is very helpful in maintaining a strong erection on the bed for a long time.
  • This medicine has proved beneficial in high blood pressure and keeping the penis hard.
  • This medicine is a good option for many erectile dysfunction sufferers.

How to work?

  • Generic Viagra is a very strong generic brand and there are many medicines related to it which are called generic pills.
  • Sildenafil Citrate is a powerful ingredient and it helps us to recover from sexual problems.
  • This medication has different functions, one of which is to stimulate the penile arteries into vasodilation, which implies that you will be able to make the penis harder by increasing blood flow within the penile tissues.

How to take Cenforce 100mg pill 

  • If you are suffering from a sexual problem like erectile dysfunction and you take Cenforce 100 mg to get cured of it, then you can take this medicine by keeping it in your mouth and drinking a glass of water, and taking it with food.

Composition of Cenforce 100mg  

  • Many problems are simple and their effects are also simple, but erectile dysfunction is a serious sexual problem, you will be surprised to know that this disorder affects men of any age and it happens in children too.
  • There are many reasons for having this problem, including stress, depression, fatigue, and excessive consumption of smoking.
  • But you can fix this problem with the help of a good diet, exercise, and generic peels and enjoy your sex life.

What is the dosage of the Cenforce 100mg pill? 

  • It is important to take special care about the dosage of this medicine because Cenforce 100 mg is a very strong generic pill.
  • Taking it in excess quantity can lead to many side effects, it should be taken with the advice of a doctor.
  • There are several strengths of this generic pill which include Cenforce 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg.

Cenforce 100mg Side effects

  • Cenforce 100 mg pill is the best and excellent alternative chosen by men all over the world for impotence disorder, we need to know complete information about this medicine, its dosage, and how to take it.
  • Because if you overuse this medicine, then you will have to go through many dangerous side effects, let us know what are the side effects of the Cenforce pill:
  • Blindness,
  • Throat problem,
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease,
  • Obesity,
  • Drowsiness,
  • An unexpected drop in pulse
  • Reduced hearing capabilities
  • Vision impairment
  • Reduced drive
  • Priapism

How long does Cenforce 100mg last?

  • Usually, Generic Viagra medicine for erectile dysfunction helps you to recover and after taking this medicine we get a hard erection for a long time.
  • Cenforce 100 mg blue pills medicine leaves your body system after 2 to 3 hours and stays in your body for 5 to 6 hours depending on your metabolism.
  • This medicine is completely useful in getting you free from sexual disorders.


  • Talking about generic pills, this medicine is useful for erectile dysfunction and they include many medicines such as Fildena, Cenforce, Kamagra, and Vidalista.
  • But today we are telling about the Cenforce 100 mg medicine, before consuming this medicine, you need to take many precautions, if you do not do this then you will have to face many problems, let us know which person should not take this medicine.

What else to note:

  • Cenforce 100 tablet medicine should not be used by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers as this medicine will have a direct effect on your baby.
  • If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, then consult your nearest doctor about this medicine.
  • Older men, such as liver, and heart-related diseases, then you should avoid taking the medicine.
  • The Senforce generic pill is not allowed in children below the age of 18 years as there are many risks involved.

Where to buy Cenforce 100 mg 

  • If you are looking for a cure for erectile dysfunction problems then the best option for you is the Cenforce 100 mg vs viagra, this medicine helps you to recover completely. Pillsforcare is the best place to buy this medicine.
  • You can buy cenforce 100 with PayPal payment.
  • This pharmacy provides you with free shipping and new offers at the store at affordable prices.
  • You will find complete information about generic pills, smart pills, and other medicines on our website.


What about the other dosages?

What is the Cenforce 100mg generic substance?

  • The generic element of the prescriptions is sildenafil, here and there known as Generic Viagra. It accommodates a fixed season of 4 to 6 hours.

Is driving a car safe?

  • The Generic element of the meds is sildenafil, at times known as Generic Viagra. It accommodates a fixed season of 4 to 6 hours.

Can a missed dose cause withdrawal symptoms?

  • Sildenafil causes no withdrawal side effects. In any case, missing measurements can cause irregularities in your penis erections.

Can the medicine be used to totally cure ED?

  • All Cenforce doses have only transitory effects. With this ED brand, there is no permanent cure.


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